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Painting brings me joy.

- Ajai


In October of 2017, Ajai participated in the local Autism Society’s first ever “Autism and Arts” event.

The event was a great success, Ajai became inspired to make even more pieces of art and Special Arts and Cards was born!

Ajai is an autistic young adult AND A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE LIVING in Pennsylvania, USA. 

He discovered his interest in art accidentally in the summer of 2017 when he was struggling with anxiety and emotional regulation.


His mom introduced him to painting as form of therapy and he very quickly fell in love with it! With help and guidance from his Mom, Ajai started creating canvas art using acrylic paint and a variety of multi-media such as buttons, beads, beans, glitter, etc.


When he’s not busy creating art, Ajai loves to travel. So far, he has visited India, Canada, Iceland, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Oman, and several states within the United States of America. He also loves listening to music, playing the piano, riding roller coasters, learning about trains and cars (Chrysler 300M is his favorite!) and enjoying a variety of food!!


Special Arts and Cards is a small family business to help Ajai sell his canvas art and printed greeting cards.  His family hopes that the business will give Ajai a chance to share his passion for art with the world.  They also hope that it will be a source of income for Ajai to purchase art supplies and support his expenses. 

Special Arts & Cards Handmade Canvas Art

I've ordered 3 of Ajai's paintings - 2 that hang in my home and 1 that I gave as a gift. I've also ordered the cards so that I can write notes to friends and family while sharing his work with others. Ajai is a truly gifted young man, and I am a proud supporter of his talents.

- Melanie 

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